Terms and Conditions of Hire
1. All hired goods remain the property of Melanie Elizabeth Venues (further referred to as MEV) at all times and must only be used for the purpose intended. The hirer (further referred to as "you") is responsible for all hire items from the time of set up to the time of collection after the event. It is your responsibility to inform your venue which hire items belong to MEV to enable your event and collection after your event to run as smoothly as possible.
2. The contract of hire is between MEV and you, not the venue, unless goods are being hired directly by the venue. If in the unfortunate occasion the venue or any of your guests are at fault for missing or damaged hire items you will be responsible for the costs of replacement. It is your responsibility to then claim back any replacement costs incurred from the venue or those responsible.
3. MEV shall not be held liable for injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained arising from our hire items.
4. MEV shall not be held responsible for any delays for dressing the venue caused by circmstances beyond our control.
5. MEV reserves the right to charge an additional £50 per hour for a room set up service should items such as chairs and tables not be set out to enable us to carry out our contracted service.  MEV is not obliged to carry out such a service should this be unreasonable in the circumstances e.g. carrying items of furniture up flights of stairs. 
6.  MEV will obtain details prior to the event of the type of chair being used and size of chair covers to be used at your event. This will be detailed on your booking form. If in the period between confirming your booking and your event the venue changes the chairs and subsequently the contract cannot be performed MEV accepts no liability.
7. We can usually accommodate fluctuations in the number or chair covers and other decorations required however if the number of hire items you require increases significantly (i.e. by more than 10 chair covers or an extra two tablecentres) you are required to give us at least one months notice prior to your event  MEV cannot guaruantee the supply of extra items that we are notified of after this time. 
8. We are happy to set up table and room decorations you have provided yourself such as favours, placecards, bunting etc at a charge of £25 provided we are informed that this extra service is needed at least one month before the event.  Table name cards must be divided into separate tables and a clear drawing/plan provided to indicate seating arrangements.  MEV are unable to set up hire items supplied by other contractors such as caterers or florists.
9. Full cleared payment is required by your event date.  You will be contacted one month before the event to ascertain final details and numbers and an invoice will then be sent based upon actual numbers of hire items required.  After you have confirmed your final details and numbers you are responsible for paying the full amount for these even in the event that some or all of the items requested may no longer be required by the event date.
10. In the event that full payment is not received by your event date the contract is considered to be breached and MEV reserves the right to claim back from you any costs incurred under the contract.
11. Bookings are secured once a booking form has been completed and you have received an e mail confirmation.  A quote or enquiry does not constitute a confirmed booking. In the event that your venue or date subsequently change the original booking is cancelled and a new booking form needs to be completed.   MEV will make every effort to accommodate your new booking but cannot guaruantee our availability if your new function date is unavailable or in an area not covered by MEV.
12. Damages/security deposits of £25-£100 are required on hire items depending on the total of the order.  The damages deposit can be added to your final invoice if you wish. The damages deposit will be retained by MEV should hire items go missing before collection or if they are returned broken or irreversibly damaged.  Reasonable wear and tear, scuff, or food marks are to be expected and will not result in you losing your deposit.  However irreverisible damage such as rips, burns, broken glassware or candle wax will result in deposits not being returned.  Following collection of the hire items and provided no damage or loss has been sustained  your deposit will be returned to you within 7 days of your event.
13. In the event that any loss or damage to hire items exceeds the deposit sum you are responsible for any shortfall in replacement costs. MEV will provide you with a breakdown of any replacement costs within 7 days of your event. This is payable within 28 days of the invoice.
14. No extra charge is made for collecting hire items the day after your event, however should your venue require the items collected or the room undressed immediately after your event for example after 10.30pm there will be an unsocial hours clear up charge of £50 which will be added to your final invoice.  It is your responsibility to check with your venue what their policy is. 
15. Should re attendance at your venue on the day of your event be necessary immediately following a wedding ceremony where the venue are unable or unwilling to re arrange or re dress the room for a reception there will be an additional charge of £50 which will be added to your invoice which covers the extra time necessary to dress and re arrange the room for a second time. 
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